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I accept most usual payment types:VISA, MASTERCARD, Discover. PAYPAL Money Orders drawn on USA institutions. Personal and Company Checks on USA banksInternational Postal Money orders in US. I don’t accept:Other non-USA instruments even if payable in US$ Overseas customers are welcome and best pay by Credit Card or PAYPAL. Due to costs associated with Paypal, there is an additional $5.00 charge to use this service.  Please note, orders paid via Paypal will be shipped to the address included in the Paypal payment.

I do business in the State of Rhode Island as a “Subchapter S” Corporation called: Dabones Studios Limited DBA S.K. Grimes. This means I am payable as a regular company and not an individual for hire. I have employees and am in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. With the exception of Mahogany lensboards, no rainforest products are used or sold.

The Company receives and collects sales tax on sales in Rhode Island.

Credit (buy now, pay later not using credit card) is extended to regular customers, well known dealers in the trade, etc. Institutional and Company Purchase Orders are considered on a case by case basis. Purchase Orders are not Money.

Payment is due within 30 days. S K Grimes has a 30 day policy. Delinquent payments incur a service charge of 1.5% or max allowed by state law.

Delinquency in excess of 90 days will be referred to a collection agency. The customers will be responsible for all incurred fees.

Credit customers w/ repeated or extensive delinquency will be given a status as a COD (collect on delivery) customer or PAS (pay at shipping) option and put in a probation status for 5 projects. After which they will be eligible for Credit status.

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