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A Brief History of S.K. Grimes, Photographer’s Machinist

Started from his basement in 2000, S.K. Grimes, Photographer’s Machinist was the brain child of Steven Grimes. Steve had spent many years as a camera technician and was always acutely aware of and interested in the custom fabrication portion of the photographic industry. In 2001, business increased threefold after the posting of the company’s website. That year, S K Grimes moved to Woonsocket, RI for more space and a better window view.

2002 saw the hiring and training of his protégé, Adam Dau. Adam is a machinist and artist who previously worked in animation and film industry. Steve and Adam quickly generated a strong working relationship; each teaching the other and evolving the business for the future.

In the spring of 2003, Steve passed away. Adam took over operations of the shop and later purchased S.K. Grimes under his own company, Dabones Studios Limited. Dabones Studios operates parrellel to S.K Grimes as a sculpture and machined art studio.

We continue to operate as Steve had intended, servicing the photographic community, worldwide.
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