CLA / Shutter Repairs

CLA’s, clean lubricate and adjust, are guaranteed for 90 days from the date of return shipping. If the shutter fails within 90 days, it may be returned for additional repairs. Please contact us prior to shipping and include a copy of the original job invoice with the shutter. Return shipping is the customer’s responsibility.

If the shutter is returned and it is determined that negligence or abusive behavior is responsible for the equipments failure, this guarantee is null and void.

Please keep in mind shutters need to be exercised. Leaving a shutter unused for months or years on end allows for dust to settle, lubricants to gum up and moisture to collect. Our guarantee is for 90 days and we will not extend free or discounted cla’s for shutters that have been overhauled, sat for an extended period of time and are no longer operating correctly.

All new shutter cla/repair projects are subject to a $40.00 bench fee. This fee is waived if a CLA/Repair is performed or if the optics are remounted into a new shutter. If the shutter is determined to be beyond economical repair, BER, and no additional work is requested, the bench fee is still due.

We will not be responsible for loss or consequential damages resulting from the use of the repaired equipment, even if loss or damages is caused by the negligence or fault of S.K. Grimes.

Replacement parts are not always available for equipment repairs. Also, the process of disassembling the equipment may result in further deterioration of the equipment’s condition. If the appropriate replacement parts are not available or the equipment is beyond economical repair, S.K Grimes reserves the right to return the equipment in a disassembled state.

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