Shipping service via UPS Ground comes with standard $100 insurance and tracking. Shipping via USPS Priority Mail in the Domestic US comes with Delivery Confirmation. Please see our shipping tips for more information. Shipping costs are always the customer’s responsibility. Unless return shipping instructions (including carrier, insurance, and speed) are clearly indicated by the client prior to project completion, projects will not be shipped until correspondence detailing this information has been provided.

All freight, duty taxes, and additional fees are also the customer’s responsibility.

If a package is “lost” in transit, please be sure to talk with the local carrier. This is especially true for USPS.

Additionally, insurance is available on all shipments. If the customer chooses or does not request to have the shipment insured and it is lost or damaged in transit, the loss is the customers. S.K. Grimes will not issue any credits or refunds on uninsured items. Replacements, credits or refunds on insured items will be dependent upon the declared value.

International shipments require that we include a customs form detailing the value of the enclosed items. Actual invoiced product prices are used as a minimal for these forms. Items values can be increased for additional insurance if requested by the customer. We do not devalue items for customs forms.

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