Research and Design
Computer Engineering, Turning, and Milling

CNC means computer controlled machining and its here and now. S.K. Grimes is equipped with both ordinary lathes and milling machines as well as Prototrak machines which are PC based programmable move tools.

Technology has reached a stage where its practical to to make parts in small quantities or even one offs using CNC machines. Parts made this way are able to employ variants of shapes and angles not easily acheived by hand. Curved surfaces, spheres, odd angles and tapers emerge as design elements not previously convenient.

We also utilize Solidworks 08, a industry-standard CAD system. CAD (computer added design) allows us to “build” parts and stress test our designs before we start cutting any aluminum.

Parts made this way are economical, good looking and precise. Check out our “What’s New!” page to see examples of our work.

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