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Custom Machining

S. K. Grimes Inc. provides specific solutions for photographers: Accessories, Repairs, Custom machining, and Modifications. These skills are useful to anyone needing inventive attention to unique problems. We enjoy a challenge!

We follow through, applying simplicity and ingenuity to technical problems, finding the most effective and practical solutions. Our experience usually allows a good result at a practical price, even in cases where others have failed.

Today, the idea of a unique custom solution is frequently “impossible”. In fact, unique problems have unique solutions. This site is a showcase of info and samples of some of those solutions.

Please note, from July 4th through the 8th, the shop will be closed for mechanical maintenance, equipment upgrades, shop cleaning and vacation. This may have an effect on the lead time of in-house projects. Please schedule any deliveries to arrive prior to or after these dates.
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