Old News

Here’s some pages of miscellaneous sometimes hard to find information.

These are mostly informational pages for some specific interest: Some of these were featured as “what’s new” items and others are pages dealing with frequently asked questions. In case you are starting at one of these pages as referenced from an e-Mail

Click here see a page about Lens Recementing. We no longer offer this service, however, it is possible for the skilled amateur to succeed in this endeavor.

Click here see a page about “Waterhouse Stops”. This is a system of iris adjustment which is sometimes used instead of the usual adjustable iris.

Click here see a page about a very nice home-made tripod by Dick Streff.

Click here to read about the Polaroid 545 film holder and pick up some tips and tricks for field disassembly and repair

Although I don’t sell these and they are no longer available new, these Interchangeable lens iris clamps are a versatile way of experimenting with different lenses on the same lensboard.

Leica camera company uses a special type of camera shutter tester. It’s a most interesting and useful device. It can be home-made and easily understood.

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