Polaroid 545 Film holder
The Polaroid 545 Film holder is in widespread use
It sometimes needs simple repairs in the field.
polaroid 545 film holder Polaroid
545 holder

How to Field Strip and reassemble the 545 holder.

First pry off the side clips holding the assembly together; start with the narrow side — This can usually be done with your fingers but may need a little help prying with a nail file or wood stick.

545 apart

Once the side clips are removed the assembly falls into numerous parts — the film pod tab (shown below, left) which may have been stuck in the assembly will fall out at this stage. No further work may be needed and you can re-assemble immediatly if that was all that was wrong.

Inspect the axle screws for the roller assembly — they are often loose and/or bent. A little bent is OK unless you have replacements on hand — once they are broken off the repair is much more difficult.

The catch which grabs the tab at the end of the film packet can be worn. Its engagement with the clip on the end of the packet can be improved by punching the flat spring as in the picture. Try this when the packet won’t “latch” and allow the film to be uncovered for exposure.

Reassembly is easy with a trick. Lay the long flat film pressure springs out (They don’t need to be replaced often, and can be fairly bent and worn and still work well) and place the “envelope latch” over the short ends of the flat springs. Use a credit card or driver’s license with a rubber band to hold things together.

This view shows the short end of the film spring held down by the envelope latch and then the driver’s license.

Assemble the front and back plates with the rubber band and card in place, push on the side clips and then remove the card and rubber band.

This is a handy skill for a photo assistant to acquire. Many of these can be fixed routinely in the field.

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