Compur shutters were the world standard for high quality large format lenses.

ilex Brochure from the “golden age” of Production.
click here to enlarge picture of three 3 blade shutters
The Compur shutters are still in widespread use. The most popular sizes are #0 and #1. Scroll down this page for a table of sizes. The earliest versions have three blades which open and close to deliver the exposure. The vast majority of these are #0 and #1 size, although there are a few #00 size. Most have no flash synch; these are obsolete, as a practical matter. However since they are of the usual rimset design they look similar to the later versions.
click here to enlarge picture of Synchro Compur shutters Later versions are called “Synchro Compur” or, in the case of the non flash version “Compur Rapid” and have five blades. These are also common in the tiny #00 size as well as the #0 and #1. Like the earlier models they use the tension type mainspring. The larger one in the picture is a special version of the same shutter made for Linhof.
click here to enlarge picture of Compur # 1 Electronic shutter The latest version of the Synchro Compur began production in the early 1970’s and is still in limited production. It has a new design torsion type mainspring and was originally available in sizes #00, #0, #1 and #3. Here, I show the #1 in the largely unsuccessful battery timed “electronic” version. Most of the electronic versions don’t work. Battery vendors for the PX 21 can be found via a Google search..
click here to enlarge picture of Compur # 2 Shutters In addition to the usual #00, #0, #1 and #3 sizes there is an elusive size referred to by default as #2. There are variants and versions that make this a difficult size. These are usually four bladed shutters and exist in both dial set and later as rim set versions. They work more like the Compound shutters but are called Compur and were made thru the late sixties. This size (and the #00 size) is no longer available and replacement with new shutters is a problem. Repair of these an option which must be considered. #0, #1 and #3 sizes are readily replaced with new shutters, so the option of replace instead of repair is available. The Compur shutters are nicely made and well designed. They make use of more machined parts and fewer die stampings and therefore were more expensive to make and sell and have a reputation for high quality. The latest versions are perfect in operation and if it were not for their very high price would be popular. The earlier versions are OK but their performance does not equal their current Japanese made replacements.
Dimensions in Millimeters #00 #0 #1 #2* #3
body Ø 45.2 58 70.5 80.5 *****
front lens thread M22.9-0.5 M29.5-0.5 M40-0.75 M45.75-0.75 M58-0.75
back lens thread M22.9-0.5 M29.5-0.5 M36-0.75 M45.75-0.75 M58-0.75
overall thickness 16.0 20.0 20 26.75 26.75
front to iris 9.3 10.2 10.75 14.5 31.5
mount flange thread M25.0-0.5 M32.5-0.5 M39-0.75 M50-0.9 M62-0.75
lensboard hole Ø 26.3 34.6 41.6 52.5 65
iris Ø (Max) 17.4 24 30 35 *****

* This is a representative version of one of at least half a dozen oddball sizes that are similar but not interchangeable. Ole Tjugen has also identified verisons which untilize a 50mm and 55.8mm lens board holeØ.
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  • Operation of the five blade Synchro Compur #0 and #1 popular versions. “This one is hard to set to the 1/400 speed.”
  • Synchro Compur
  • Repair, Overhaul, Rebuild almost all view camera shutters including many “no parts available” models. Solutions for all shutter problems.
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