Hard to find items

Crisp, new Copal shutters for sale and installation. You get the right shutter for your application, complete and ready to use.
Mounting flanges are often missing. Here are all sizes for all lenses and shutters. Either in stock for immediate shipment or special made on short order.
Adapters for many purposes. Including filter adapters (also called “step up/step down” rings), lensboard adapters, and others.
Best quality lens caps to stock size or special made. I can provide lens caps for any lens.
A database of commonly used lens boards. Either in stock or custom made. Also with links to lens board adapters and extension tubes.
Adjustable optical spanner wrench for removing and installing lens retainers.
Our Fine Focus 2.5/1 Focusing Mount has a range of uses from copy stand photography to custom cameras.
Our shifting mounts can be used with Better Light scanning back.
We are also handling Bob Hutchinson’s PAQPRO camera system.

     All the goods we sell are either of our own design and manufacture or have the benefit of experience and skill in selecting the version or configuration you need. We’ve all had the experience of getting the Wrong Thing; everything sold here comes with a best effort to make sure you get the Right Thing.

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