Threaded Adapters

We can make threaded adapters for all applications. These can be used in Camera, Video, and other applications. Metric or English threads in sizes from 20mm up to 200mm diameter.

  • A “Step Up” Ring allows a larger sized filter to fit a smaller sized lens. Step up rings are normally made with a knurled front and shoulder against the smaller sized mating thread.
  • slots.jpg
  • A “Step Down” ring ( “A” with knurled shoulder) or bushing ( “B” no shoulder) allows a smaller sized filter to fit a larger sized lens. These are not commonly stocked by dealers because of the risk of vignetting. They are sometimes suitable for certain applications.
  • oover.jpg
  • This adapter, for example, allows #0 and #1 shutters to use the same #1 sized mounting hole or lensboard. This is a stock item at $35.00; it’s the type shown at “A” above. These are available in many variations.
  • adapter3.jpg

Most of the adapters we make are custom, “hard to find” sizes. Many step up/step down rings are inexpensive stock items from well supplied dealers such as B&H photo in New York City. We stock some items not tabulated and may have what you need “off the shelf”

This page represents the general types. Call or write for specific sizes and applications. We can make any threaded adapter. All threads, Metric/English, no exceptions.

Stocked standard sized adapters are as inexpensive as $25.00.
Custom made adapters are $65.00 each in smaller sizes and $85.00 in medium sizes. $125.00 and up in very large size.

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