PAQPRO Camera System

Paq Pro SR75, Rodenstock 75mm
Paq Pro SR75, Rodenstock 75mm f6.8 Grandagon-N

Paq Pro TR35, Rodenstock 35mm f4.5 APO Grandagon, thin body.

View from above of Paq Pro TR35, custom top plate, Rodenstock 35mm f4.5 APO Grandagon, thin body.

TR35, custom top plate,  thin body & Bogen tripod adapter
TR35, custom top plate,  thin body & Bogen tripod adapter

Paq Pro
Basic Thin Bodies.

Paq Pro SS65,  Schneider 65mm f5.6 Super Angulon

Paq Pro SS150S, Schneider 150mm f5.6 APO Symmar

SS150S Schneider 150mm f5.6, APO Symmar


A 6×9 professional camera system from Paq Pro offers a wide range of professional lenses from Schneider. Bob Hutchinson, Paq Pro XL developer, has invited Steve Grimes to help with and distribute this system to photographers; we’ll do our best to carry this innovative and economical concept forward.

Want a medium format ultra-wide or panoramic camera with a fine quality multicoated lens but can’t stand the $5.3K+ price and would be more interested in 1.8K- ? Dust off the old Graflex XL body and roll film backs because this is the value solution.

The Paq Pro XL utilizes the inexpensive classic Graflex XL bodies, just about any International “G” 6×9 or 6×7 roll film back and mates the latest multi-coated professional lenses with factory focusing mounts from Schneider. All manufacturing of Paq Pro parts and barrels by S.K. Grimes, Woonsocket, RI, USA

See article.

The Paq Pro XL camera can be purchased complete with interchang able lens, finder and body or as a conversion for your existing Graflex XL body. (Complete cameras dependent on availability of XL bodies.)

The two basic Paq Pro cameras  are “Standard” and “Thin”. Standard body for lenses 65mm and longer focal lengths, up to 150mm. Thin body for lenses 58mm and shorter. Any Graflex standard body, XLRF or XLS can be converted to a SW or thin body with the Paq XL thin body kit.

Paq Pro XL 6×9 system with interchangeable lens in factory professional focusing mount. Replaces the old Graflex XL lens mount (six screws). Some lenses work fine with existing 6×7 XLRF viewfinder.   Paq Pro XL lenses are in their own Schneider professional focusing mount, which is mounted in the Paq Pro barrel that screws into the Paq Pro XL body flange. Range finder not used. Flange required and included in first lens purchase, no charge. All manufacturing performed by S.K. Grimes, Woonsocket. RI, USA

All lenses equipped with Copal #0 shutter. Press type usually available, extra cost.

Because of European currency exchange fluctuation, prices subject to change.

Modifactions and customizations are available at additional cost.

All items subject to availability. email –
Because of European currency exchange fluctuation, prices subject to change.

35mm Finder Equivalents

  • 12mm = 28mm in 6×9
  • 15mm = 35mm in 6×9
  • 21mm = 45 or 47mm in 6×9
  • 25mm = 55 or 58mm in 6×9
  • 28mm = 65mm in 6×9
  • 35mm = 75 or 80mm in 6×9
  • 50mm = 115mm or 120mm in 6×9
  • 75mm = 150mm – 170mm in 6×9

Near right finder is shorter focal length type. Far right is longer focal length type. Both are superb, bright frame finders from Voigtlander.

Accessory shoes for finder

Thin body conversions and the Thin Body hardware kits are now furnished with the high or extra height accessory shoe. The extra height item is great for raising the small finder so you can get your eye to it. Accessory shoes attach to the top plate with 1/4 – 20 x 1/4 inch hex cap screw. T he smaller shoe, can be used with a longer cap screw and an extension tube for even higher positioning. This item and other shoe options are available at professional camera stores.

To Order:
Select the part number or description for the items. Example:   TR55 lens, Finder for same, Thin body. Its best to contact us to discuss the details of all this and firm up what’s best and available.

Please Note: Paqpro cameras utilize used Graflex XL bodies. While we always select the components in the best condition possible, minor cosmetic blemishes should be expected.

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