Shifting Mounts for the Betterlight Scanning Back

Originally commissioned for New York architectural photographer Tom Watson, the S.K. Grimes shifting mounts are an ideal addition to the Better Light scanning back. The shifting mounts are designed to mount onto a Sinar standard and are then calibrated for a specific focal length lens. Since the lens uses a focusing mount, the bellows are eliminated from the equation. This results in a rigged system with shifting capabilities, but without the vibrations caused by a bellowed camera. Filters can also be mounted to the rear optic, reducing flare or reflection.

To learn more about how Tom Watson and Ron Howard are using this system for a recent interview they gave to the BBC, click here,. Or see the articles in Wired and AIA

Shifting mounts were designed for use with the Sinar system, but can be modified to mount on other camera models.

Schneider SA 58 XL

Schneider SA 72 XL

Schneider AS 120

Schneider AS 150

Circular filters mount to the rear optic via a slip-on adapter and travel with the lens as it focus Square filters can be seated in a recessed section on the rear of the shifting plate and are stationary
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