Mounting Flanges and Retaining Rings

I can routinely supply missing lens retainers and mounting flanges.

Large stock of finished USA and Metric mounting rings.


  • A mounting flange is a metal threaded ring with several holes bored into it which is used to allow a shutter or lens to be installed onto a lensboard. It is permanently attached to the front of a lensboard with screws. Flanges are frequently missing from their lenses. If you have extra flanges, you can fit them to several different lensboards and can then easily switch a lens amongst different cameras.
  • A retainer is similar to a flange except that it has no holes bored into it and is used like a “nut” in a “nut and bolt”; it holds the lens or shutter onto the board more or less permanently by screwing on from the back. Retainers often require a special tool to install or remove, so lenses mounted with them are not as easily interchanged as those using flanges.

Prices range from $10.00 – $15.00 for small factory made retainers. Custom flanges from $75.00 for small flanges, to $95.00 for medium size flanges, and up to $140.00 for large size mounting flanges. Dealer pricing as low as $15.00-20.00 per ring in mixed assortments as few as two dozen rings. Call and chat me up.


Stock list of mounting rings for American made shutters

Stock list of mounting rings for Metric shutters
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Getting Them To Fit

The best way for you to ensure the fit of a specially made ring is to send me the lens that will used with the ring, so that I can guarantee its fit. The next best way is to measure and specify the existing thread.
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