Copal Shutters

Copal Shutters


Copal Brand shutters have been made in their current version by Copal Co, Tokyo, Japan for about fifteen years. Supplied with all new view camera lenses made today, they are simple, reliable, and economical. The performance and price of Copal shutters is such that they are often a practical improvement over restoration or repair of obsolete or worn equipment. Many lenses will fit directly from their old shutters to new, needing only the appropriate iris scale and mounting to the lensboard. We routinely complete changeovers to new shutters,
mounted to your lensboard and ready to use.

To view a set of drawings of the shutters listed, click below and use scroll bars to see the whole image:

Copal #0 shutter click once here
Copal #1 shutter click once here
Copal #3S shutter click once here

These drawings are from the original instruction sheets.

Copal Dimensions and Specs

COPAL spec. #0 #1 #3 #3s
front thread M29.5-0.5 M40-0.75 M58-0.75 M56-0.75
back thread M29.5-0.5 M36-0.75 M58-0.75 M56-0.75
overall thickness 20 mm 20 mm 32 mm 28.6 mm
front to shutter 10.2 mm 10.75 mm 17.7 mm 16.25 mm
mount thread M32.5-0.5 M39-0.75 M62-0.75 M61-0.75
lensboard hole 34.6 mm 41.6 mm 65 mm 64.1 mm
iris dia 24 mm 30 mm 45 mm 45 mm
price* $426.00 $585.00 $1190.00 $1190.00

*These prices are for out right purchase price.

All items (shutters, retainers, iris scales,) are priced separately.

Lenses which need machine work to remount (such as lenses in barrel or in non-compatible old shutters) usually cost an additional $225.00 – $350.00to install.

We are familiar with all versions, sizes and variations of these shutters. We can repair or replace any of them. If you have or suspect any compatibility problems call me to discuss.

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