Waterhouse Stops

Old barrel type Portrait lenses are often incomplete.

full lens pic “Waterhouse Stops”: Used instead of an adjustable iris.


Portrait and early landscape lenses were often made without adjustable iris. Instead, there is a slot intended for the insertion of interchangeable metal or cardboard plates, each with its own fixed aperture.paper templat pic

I can supply the missing set of stops for most lenses. After calculating the diameters of the stop set (using the formula: Diameter=Focal Length รท f Number)a cardboard template is made to fit the slot of the lens.shear pic bore pic

After the template is made it is a straightforward matter to cut and bore the brass or aluminum stock to the right shape.

finished set

While not necessarily identical, the finished set accuratly replicates the function of the original. The rightmost piece in the picture is a blank, left for later use or to make some other iris shape.

Price of such a set, including the optical work and calculations is about $150.00 – $200.00

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