Slip-On Filter Adapters

New Design Slip-on Filter Adapter

A filter adapter can be a big help

If you use several different lenses it may be practical to fit each with an adapter allowing use of a standard size kit of your favorite filters. Ordinary threaded filter adapters won’t fit lenses with oddball thread sizes, no threads at all or too many back elements.

My New Patented Design * adapter slips easily over the lens and won’t mark the finish.

  • The simple design of the adapter involves cutting slots around the part which fits over the lens.
  • slots.jpg
  • The slots are made so that when an ordinary rubber “O” ring is stretched around the outside it shows thru the slots and provides a nice friction around the lens.
  • oover.jpg
  • The adapter becomes “invisible” in use; put it on, take it off, can’t be cross threaded and requires no tools, tightening or attention whatsoever.
  • adapter3.jpg

These filter adapters are custom made to fit the individual lens. I usually make them of black anodized aluminum but plain brass (at additional cost), like the one shown is also available.

This design can also be used on wide angle lens back elements, and to extend the useable diameters of the Lee filter system.

Price: $75.00 each in smaller sizes and $95.00 in medium sizes. $140.00 and up in very large size.

*You may need the free TIFF viewer to see the Patent Office Drawings available at:

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