Purchasing a Spanner Wrench
– Mail a personal check or money order payable to S.K. Grimes to
S.K. Grimes
P.O. Box 1724
Woonsocket, RI 02895
Include your phone #, shipping address, etc.- Telephone 401-762-0857 during regular hours and supply credit card info etc.

– Send ordinary e-Mail (unsecure) with your credit card info and order details (shipping address, etc)

– Use ordinary telephone/fax: 401-762-0847 to transmit credit card info. Use “PayPal” This is a third party secure way of sending credit card money via the internet. Send me an ordinary e-mail with your shipping address saying you want a spanner and that you are using PayPal. After you use PayPal I receive a “You’ve Got Money” message from PayPal crediting my account with the appropriate amount)

– Stop by at 32 Mechanic Ave, Unit 222, Woonsocket RI in person and pay cash.

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