Aperture Scale Engraving Services
f-stop (Iris) Scales engraved for any large format shutter.



A complex iris scale for a triple convertible lens.


When a shutter is replaced with an exact same version the iris scales can be simply transferred from the old shutter to the new one. There can be a problem when a later or non-proprietary version of a shutter is used. Fuji and Nikon lenses, for example use slightly different versions of the Copal shutters which are not available as economical replacements. The old scales will not fit the currently available Copal shutters. When it is inconvenient or impossible to obtain an original correct iris scale I can engrave a substitute in either full or incremental (1/3 or 1/2) stops. I can also preserve the convertible nature of lenses such as Schneider Symmar. Some photographers also need the scale extrapolated to include the next smaller opening (such as f-64 or f-128) This picture is a magnified, un-improved sample of my engraving, in this case on a #3 Copal shutter. (The white is a slot in the side of the scale for the “cocked warning flag”) Even spacing of the engraving is done on a digital dividing engraving fixture of my own design. This can routinely apply iris scales to the side or front of a shutter, as appropriate, in a variety of sizes and be set up to read “right side up” for any application. Although easiest to set up for modern Copal and Prontor Pro shutters, I can engrave scales on practically any shutter you may have since I have developed an extensive setup of fixtures and adapters specifically for iris scale engraving. This picture shows the top scale of a new Copal #1 being engraved. The Copals use two scales and the price for scales includes both iris scales, as intended by the shutter’s designers. 1/3 Third stop increments as shown on this scale for an Apo Nikkor 480mm lens installed in a Copal #3 shutter, are available. Normal practice is to supply substitute scales in third, half, or full stops as found in the original installation unless specified otherwise. (Optical work to determine a correct scale when the original missing may be extra.) Plain full stop scale engraved on a Copal shutter is $60.00 Fractional stop scales are $70.00. Convertible scales, removable scales, scales for obsolete shutters etc. please send for quote.

These are all custom made scales. They are engraved directly on the shutter. It may be that I have data on hand to supply a scale appropriate for a specific lens. There is an additional charge of $15.00 per scale (total additional of $30.00 for Standard Copal) to supply and engrave a stock blank scale instead of standard engrave directly on the shutter. Blank scales for a Copal Press are $25 each. This means that it is more expensive to call and/or E-mail with a request for “Scales for a 300mm G-Claron f-9” than the ordinary charge of $60.00 plus shipping.

Some scales are no longer available and will need to be fabricated. Price per custom scale is $30.00 -$80.00.

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