Cooke VXA installation and cap
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Cooke XVa Triple Convertible

The same classic lines, format and focal length combinations as the original Cooke Series XV lens . Cooke’s redesign of this still popular classic maintains the favorite characteristics of the original lens while incorporating new features requested by contemporary photographers: ”

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The XVa Triple convertible is sold with and without Copal #3 shutters. S.K. Grimes has stock a number of Copal #3 shutters for customers who wish to have the lens installed. Purchase of the shutter and installation of the optics and custom Cooke iris scale is $1190.00 +s/h. Supplier Clive Russ is located nearby and there is a savings in shipping if the installation is completed at the time of order.

An additional item for the protection of your Cooke VXa lens is an internal optics lens cap. Suggested by Cooke Optics, S.K. Grimes has designed and fabricated a custom lens cap for protecting the internal optics of your XVa. SKG XVa caps are for the front or rear element when only one of the optics is in use.

-These black anodized aluminum caps are machined from solid stock ensuring a durable and protective cap which will not flex like injection molded caps.

-The SKG XVa cap features a recessed mounting thread. Meaning, securing the cap will take a few quick turns, not half an hour of threading on and off.

-The deep cap utilizes the same bearing surface the optic uses on the shutter/barrel providing ample clearance between the optics and the bottom of the cap. Generic threaded lens caps lack this feature and bear down directly on the glass, possibly scratching and cracking the elements

-Of course, there is a knurled edge for easy removal. And continuing Cooke’s and SKG’s attention to detail, the SKG XVa cap replicates the same dome and dip design used on the standard “external” Cooke lens caps. Not only do the caps work well, they look good too!

Discounted pricing when the caps are purchased with a shutter installation.

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