Mr. Nutcracker
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Mr. Nutcracker

Conceived, designed and machined over 2004, "Mr. Nutcracker", is a joint project between S.K. Grimes and parent company Dabones Studios Ltd. The nutcracker is machined almost completely out of 6061 aluminum and given a silver anodized finish. Height of the nutcracker is 13 ¼”. Over 50 separate components were machined ranging from simple buttons to more complex belt/waist piece. Every attempt was made to reduce the number of visible screws or fasteners.

As children, Joel and I loved playing with our parent’s nutcrackers. After years of sword fighting Nutcracker "action figures", we managed to break or encourage an early retirement of our parents’ German keepsakes. So, it seemed only fitting this year we give them back something that symbolized a part of their past and a piece of our future.

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