2005 Projects
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150mm Apo Rodagon Waterhouse Stop modification

183 Raptar Remount for a Super D

35mm Conversions

Beseler Enlarger Lens Board Adapters

Better Light / Sinar 72mm Shift

Betterlight Shifting System

Digiview – Sinar to Canon Adapter

Durst Lens Board with Extension

Filter Plates

Graflex Roller Installation

Hassy square filter adapter modified to accept 67mm threads

Holga to Nikon

Jesus or Jerry?

Lee Filter Adapter

Lens Board Database

Mamiya 24mm/Betterlight Adaption

Nikon to Leica R Adapter

One Really Big Lens

Replacement Hassy Clasps for Kapture Group Equipment

Schneider Apo Symmar 90mm f4 Marko HFT Lens Shade

Sinar / 35mm Quick Release Bracket

SKG Fine Focus 2.5/1

Toyo to Graflok Adapater

TTI 45EI Reflex to Flexadapter modification

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