Digiview – Sinar to Canon Adapter
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Sinar to 35mm Conversion

Why would you want to use a 35mm camera on a 4×5 camera?

Good Question. This type of adaptation allows the photographer to use the 4×5 camera movements on his/her 35mm or Digital camera. Hassys, Pentacs, etc can all be mounted in a similar manner. For most LF photographers, this adaptation allows you to use expand the capabilities of it equipment you already have on hand. As the adapter pushes the film plane further back, we recommend using a recessed lens board with your view camera lenses to maximize your optical efficiency.




Why all these offsets?

Photographer Mike Meleski wanted to be able to use the tilting capabilities of the Sinar standard with the 35mm camera’s film plane located over the axis. Since an extension tube was needed to push the camera away from the Sinar lens board, an offset plate was machined to relocate the camera’s film plan relative to the axis of the standards tilt.

This system does have some limiting characteristics. Since the format is smaller, but the lenses image coverage is large, the resulting image is equivalent to a longer focal length lens.

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