Sinar P3 Recessed Lens Boards
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Sinar P3 Recessed Lens Boards

Replica, Recessed, and Extreme Recessed lens boards are now available at S.K. Grimes. Standard Recessed boards provide the photographer with 10.5mm of recession, while the Extreme Recessed boards generate 21mm of recession. Slight modifications and short throw cable releases are required for the shutters mounted in the Extreme versions.

Featured left is a standard recessed board w/ Schneider Apo-Digitar 60/4.0. Center and right are Extreme recessed boards with Schneider Apo-Digitars 47/5.6 & 35/5.6.

Recessed lens boards are for use with modern standard Copal #0 shutters or Schneider Electronic Shutters and the Sinarback. The boards may not provide the enough recession for infinity focusing if 3rd party digital backs are used.
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