NEW CNC machined Pacemaker Lensboards
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Pacemaker Graphic Lensboards

We now supply brand new Pacemaker Graphic compatible lens boards. Boards are available with a 1/2 pilot hole or pre -drilled for modern #0 and #1 shutters. We can also bore the board out to a specific size if required. Boards fit Crown Graphic and Speed Graphic cameras. Modified versions will fit Super Speed Graphics.


Unlike the original boards, which were made from stamped aluminum and powder coated, our boards are machined out of solid aluminum blocks. This allows for greater lens board rigidity and makes drilling holes and modifying the lens board fair easier. In addition to improving the material, we also incorporated the slider "bumps" into the thickness of the board. This creates a thicker board which eliminates the need for spacers when attaching the lens.

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